VX Holder Rewards

All fees collected by ViteX will be deposited into a shared reward pool and distributed at the rate of 1% daily. For fees collected on any given day, they will be fully distributed on the 100th day.

The shared reward pool will consist of the following:

All trading fees collected by ViteX, excluding Operator fees.

Rewards are only paid out in BTC, ETH, and USDT. Some payments made in VITE which are incurred over the course of the DEX’s operations will be burned as:

ViteX platform trading fees paid in VITE (excluding payments to Operators)

10,000 VITE to list any trading pair

1,000 VITE to generate an invitation code

In order to receive rewards:

A minimum 10 VX must be staked in the exchange account to receive rewards.

Once a staking request is submitted, the user will receive reward payments starting the same day at 12 pm (UTC+8), or the next day at 12 pm (UTC+8) if the staking request is submitted after 12 pm (UTC+8) on that particular day.

Once an unstaking request for VX is submitted, that VX will be released after seven days. No rewards will be distributed during that period.