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About ViteX

ViteX is a decentralized exchange developed on the Vite public chain. ViteX has four major trading markets: VITE, BTC, ETH, and a stablecoin. ViteX will also have its native token VX.

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True decentralization, secure asset management

On-chain order matching. Smart contract driven dividend distribution. Locally stored private keys.

Ultra-high performance, better trading experience

High transaction throughput, confirmation within seconds, zero gas fee. Trading experience rivaling that of centralized exchanges

VX holder collects dividends

Multiple ways to mine exchange coins VX, via trading, staking, order placing, referrals and trading pairs listing

Open sourced protocol, one-click token issuance

Token forging, gateway creation, coin listing, and order book information are completely transparent
What is VX?
VX is the token associated with ViteX. VX holders enjoy payouts from a shared dividend pool comprised of transaction fees and listing fees. There will be no public nor private sale for VX. Users can only get VX through mining. The total supply of VX is 100 million. All VX will be distributed in two years, with zero inflation. The daily average VX distribution is 137,000. 10% of daily distributed VX will be set aside to fund future development of ViteX.
How do I get VX?
You can get VX in five ways. The first way is to trade on ViteX (“Trading as Mining”); the second way is to stake VITE and help ViteX receive quota for its operations (“Staking as Mining”); and the third way is to list trading pairs (“Listing as Mining”). The fourth way is to invite friends to get referral incomes. The fifth way is to place orders for liquidity increase. Trading as Mining & Referral as Mining: 60% of daily released VX will be distributed to traders according to the proportion of their transaction fee on ViteX and referrals they made; Currently there will be four markets: BTC market, ETH market, VITE market and a stablecoin market. Each market will equally share 15% of the daily distribution. Staking as Mining: 20% of daily released VX will be distributed to users who participate in staking VITE for the benefit of ViteX. Listing as Mining: A user ("token issuer" or an "operator") that lists a new trading pair will receive VX. The token issuer receives VX by participating in the same pool as traders, with his/her share calculated as if he/she executed a trade involving a transaction fee of 1,000 VITE. A listing fee is required for the DEX: for a token issued on the Vite chain, the listing fee is 10,000 VITE, half of listing fee (5000 VITE) will be burned and the rest of them will be distributed to VX holders. Placing Order as Mining: 10% of daily released VX will be distributed to traders who create orders. The amount of dividends depend on the proportion of an single address's VX balance (including available and frozen assets) to ViteX accounts' whole VX balances. The dividends will not be distributed if VX balance is less than 10 VX.
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