VX Holder Dividends

All fees collected by the ViteX platform will be collected into a shared dividend pool and distributed at a rate of 1% daily. For any given day, the total fees collected during that day will be fully distributed by the 100th day.

This shared dividend pools will consist of the following:

All trading fees collected by ViteX (excluding Operator fees)

The following VITE payments incurred will be destroyed:

VITE payments of platform trading fees (excluding payments to operators)

10,000 VITE to list any trading pair

1,000 VITE to generate an invitation code

In order to receive dividends:

A minimum of 10 VX must be locked up with the exchange account to receive dividends

Participant is entitled to receive dividend starting the most recent term once a lock-up request has been submitted

The locked-up amount will be released after a 7-day waiting period, no dividend will be received during the waiting period