VX Holder Dividends

All fees collected by the ViteX platform will be collected into a shared dividend pool and distributed at a rate of 1% daily. For any given day, the total fees collected during that day will be fully distributed by the 100th day.

This shared dividend pools will consist of the following:

All trading fees collected by ViteX (excluding Operator Zone fees)

Each time a new trading pair is listed, 5,000 VITE from the 10,000 VITE listing cost goes into the dividend pool

Each time a referral code is generated, the 1,000 VITE fee (paid by the user requesting the referral code) goes into the dividend pool

In order to receive dividends:

You must hold a minimum of 10 VX. Please note that VX held in a wallet account will not make you eligible for dividends — the VX must be held on the ViteX exchange account in order to be considered for dividend rewards.